Creating Operation and Maintenance Plans
Your only licensed operator has just left town due to a family emergency and 
handed you the phone number of a certified operator in the next town. Will the 
substitute operator know how your system works and what needs to be done on a 
daily basis to keep it safe and in compliance? A properly prepared Operations and 
Maintenance (O&M) Plan is one of a water purveyor’s most important documents. 
The O&M Plan is a “living” document that explains how a public water system is to 
be operated and maintained on a day-to-day basis to ensure public health, safety, 
and compliance with applicable regulations. In addition to being an important 
training tool for new staff, the O&M manual serves as a practical handbook by 
which a qualified substitute operator can operate and maintain the system in a 
safe and reliable manner in absence of the system’s primary operator. 
Participants will learn: 
The vital elements that comprise an O&M Plan
The two most important tools needed for developing an O&M Plan
Policies and procedures for keeping your O&M Plan updated
Free resources and templates for developing O&M Plans
Recommended audience includes water system operators, managers, and maintenance staff.
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