Mapping Small Water Systems with Free Google Earth Pro Desktop (Online)

For a water utility, the management of assets plays a significant role in overall 
financial performance. With the use of effective asset management, it is possible 
to reduce overall infrastructure costs instead of waiting until the assets fail, 
incurring higher than necessary costs. 
Participants will receive a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started mapping 
your water system’s assets using Google Earth for project planning, public presentations and developing capital improvement plans.

Participants should download and install the free Google Earth Pro software prior 
to the class (

Participants will learn: 
The basics of asset management 
The basic tools of Google Earth needed to map water system assets 
How to import scanned maps, hand held GPS coordinates and public domain 
GIS data 
How to derive water main pipe lengths and surface elevations for evaluating 
pipe alignments and tank sites for hydraulic analysis, project planning and 
cost estimating 
How to edit, save and share your Google Earth maps with project team 
members and the public 
Recommended audience includes operators, managers, and board members

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