15 Action Steps to Homeownership Online

Do you want to sharpen your skills at helping clients navigate their way to homeownership? This 
course will examine industry best practices involving 15 important steps to homeownership that 
consumers need to be competent at, and self -confident with, when purchasing their new home. 
The first session in this two-webinar series will explore early pre- purchase activities from choosing 
a lender, to selecting a realtor, to making offers on properties. The second webinar will examine the 
contract process, home inspections, home appraisals, and preparing for the final document signing 
and closing date to guide clients on what to expect on their road to homeownership. Upon completing both webinars, counselors will be able to better coach consumers through the home buying 
process, providing them with tools to make informed choices at each decision point along the way.

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