Basic Electrical Concepts

Electricity and water are two things that go great together. No, we are not saying you should directly mix the two, but how would you 
supply and control the water these days without the use of electricity? What IS electricity? How do we make it and use it? How is it that 
electricity brings to life little electronic items and allows sensors in a SCADA (computer control system) to work? In this workshop, we will 
review the basics of one of our lightest tools. Participants will learn:
•   What is electricity: we will review amps, volts and watts
•   What is a kilowatt hour
•   What is the difference in AC / DC power 
•   How some basic electronic components work 
•   What is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and how could it save you money 
This workshop will give participants a review of electrical theory and help them better understand the use and control of electrical power. 
Recommended audience is water system operators and managers

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