Pumps & Motors Efficiency

Pumping water is one of the most inefficient uses of energy there is. 
Most water pumping systems only convert 30 to 60 percent of the 
power they consume (and you pay for) into useful work; one of the 
lowest margins of efficiency of all commercial and industrial uses. 
Why? The laws of physics mostly, but also because simple mistakes 
are made in selecting a pump or motor for a given duty point. This 
workshop will help you understand and minimize inefficiency in 
your pumping systems and help you choose the right pump and 
motor for the job – one that will save money year after year. 
Participants will learn:
•  How to solve wire-to-water energy calculation
•  The six factors in friction loss and how to minimize them
•  Where to find and how to use free Total Dynamic Head (TDH) 
•  How to calculate TDH in a fluid pumping system and horsepower 
calculators on the internet
This workshop will give participants a variety of tools, tips and 
information they can use to reduce energy costs at their utilities. 
Recommended audience is water system operators and managers

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