Consumer Confidence Reports ONLINE NEW

Informing your customers yearly about the sources and

quality of your water became a state and federal mandate

with the 1996 SDWA amendments and electronic delivery of
Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) became allowable in
2012. The exact format and language required for doing so can
be confusing, especially for operators and managers of small
systems. This workshop will guide participants through the
step-by-step process of producing a CCR for their water system
for calendar year 2013. You will learn delivery options of the
CCR, information required to be included in a CCR, and how
to use the resources available to produce a CCR. This work-

shop is designed for anyone tasked with producing or reviewing
this annual report to ensure compliance.
You will need:
• System and staff contact information
• Type of water source and location(s)
• All water quality monitoring results for 2015
• Previous years’ CCR
• Public relations information (important accomplishments
for 2015, emerging issues, etc.)
Recommended audience for this workshop is anyone who
has responsibility for producing and disseminating CCRs,
or gathering the data necessary for its completion.

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