Rate Setting 091617

Event Date & Time

9/16/2017 9:00 AM - 9/16/2017 12:00 PM


Sycamore Park Community Center
1051 Sycamore St
Farmington, New Mexico 87401

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It is widely recognized that in order for a water system to remain in compliance and function effectively proper financial management is key. A crucial component to this financial management is setting effective rates. Utility rates that recoup operational expenses while maintaining a reserve for future expenditures is a must, however a balance must be identified between reasonable rates and those which create undue burden, this is the art of rate setting. Rate structures come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right one for your community is an important task— allow us to help. 
This workshop will give the participants an overview rate setting techniques and baseline information that is needed. Guides and templates will be provided so that individuals can develop rates for their own water systems. 
Participants will learn:
•  How to define fixed and variable expense 
•  Rate structures and how they impact the community 
•  Objectives of rate analysis and implementation 
•  How to use tools for effective rate setting