Money Management: A Planned Approach to Rate Setting 062018

Event Date & Time

6/20/2018 8:00 AM - 6/20/2018 4:00 PM


Vert Club Room
345 SW 4th St.
Pendleton, Oregon 97801

Online registration is closed; but you can sign up on location.

For questions on registration, please email OR Training Dept. at 916-447-9832 x 1429.


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Participants will learn and understand:

•  Where to acquire financial tools, guides and templates to 
improve your financial health 
•  Basic financial terms, and how to read and interpret the 
common financial statements 
•  How to prepare a budget
•  Identification of methods to balance the budget
•  How to establish a rate structure based on the true cost of 
producing and delivering water