CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water 082522
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Event Date & Time

8/25/2022 8:30 AM - 8/25/2022 4:00 PM


Embassy Suites by Hilton San Rafael Marin County
101 McInnis Parkway
Rooms-Santa Rosa, Corte Madera and Novato
San Rafael, California 94903

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CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water


6 California Drinking Water Contact Hours awarded

Contact hours have been approved for the Registered Environmental Health Specialist Program.

Certificates will be awarded.


Date & Time:

The CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water training will be held on the following dates and times:

August 25 | 8:30AM-4:00PM

August 25 | 8:30AM-10:30AM  | Welcome & CalTAP Fair Presentations

August 25 |10:30AM-12:00PM | Regulations Update

August 25 |12:00PM-1:00PM    | Lunch-on your own

August 25 |  1:00PM-2:30PM    | Combined Track-Recruiting & Retention

August 25 |  1:00PM-2:30PM    | Managerial Track-Simple Water Auditing 

August 25 |  1:00PM-2:30PM    | Technical Track-Groundwater Well Operation & Maintenance

August 25 |  2:40PM-4:00PM    | Combined Track-Workforce Development 

August 25 |  2:40PM-4:00PM    | Managerial Track-Regionalization 

August 25 |  2:40PM-4:00PM    | Technical Track-Pumping System Troubleshooting


This training is being held in Pacific Standard Time.


Join us and learn about the California Technical Assistance Providers (CalTAP) programs, funded by California State Water Resources Control Board. These programs provide onsite technical assistance and free workshops, as well as many other resources, for water professionals throughout California. 


CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water | Combined Track-Part 1 | Recruiting & Retention

Your water operator, office staff or manager has just given their notice and they are moving on to another job. They have been there for years and know the system history, where all the (hidden) valves/meters are and they developed relationships with all entities required to manage or operate a public water system. The powers that be (local government and/or management) may be wondering, "What could we have done to prevent this employee from seeking other employment?" and "How do we go about hiring someone to replace this valuable resource?" This workshop will utilize the trainer's and participants' experiences to explore these questions. 

Participants will learn:

·        About advertising, interviewing and hiring of water system managers, office staff and operators

·        The resources available to assist with hiring good people

·        About budgeting to acquire and retain competent staff

·        How to use staff evaluations to help with retention longevity

·        How to retain excellent staff (hint, it's not always about the money!)


The recommended audience includes management and local government board of directors.


CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water | Managerial Track-Part 1 | Simple Water Auditing

Water production is up but water sales are down, where is the water going? How do I start to look for where my system is leaking? Are the water lines leaking or are the meters slow? Could it be my accounting system? These questions and more will be answered in the Simple Water Auditing session. We will walk you through how to conduct a water audit and look at the free water auditing tool. 

Participants will learn:

·        Types of water loss

·        How to calculate the amount of water loss

·        About free water loss auditing tools


The recommended audience includes system operators, technicians, managers and board members.


CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water | Technical Track-Part 1 | Groundwater Well Operation & Maintenance

Well equipment must be maintained to ensure long life and quality water within the system. Wells need to be monitored regularly to compile vital information on the health of the source. How is your well performing? What goes into the process of choosing a well site? Have you been monitoring your water levels in the aquifer? This workshop will address these topics and more.

Participants will learn:

·        Well site selection process

·        Well inspection

·        Well maintenance

·        Groundwater qualities

·        Measuring drawdown

·        Well sounders: Which one is right for me?


The recommended audience includes operators, management, water system personnel or anyone with an interest in better understanding the value of operating a safe drinking water system. 

CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water | Combined Track-Part 2 | Workforce Development

This workshop provides tools for employers to help with employee development through training and self-improvement. This will allow for advancement and promotion of the employers’ workforce. This starts with new employees, who require guidance to become the staff you need during their probation period. Existing employees need continuing training to ensure that they are meeting expectations and the potential for future advancement. This presentation will assist management and staff with these goals through lecture, resources, exercises and discussion.

Participants will learn:

·        Tips for training new employees for employment longevity

·        Appropriate training events for existing staff (technical or administrative)

·        Developing employees for advancement within the organization

·        Team building for employees


The recommended audience includes management & local government board of directors.


CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water | Managerial Track-Part 2 | Regionalization

No water system is an island; we need each other. Small water systems must meet the same regulations as large systems without the economies of scale. What’s a system with 1,000 connections or less to do?


This workshop will discuss the spectrum of opportunities for partnering with others. From casual information sharing or operational support to formal consolidation or joint powers agreements, we will review the challenges and benefits of partnering up.


By creating partnerships and opportunities for working together, we can solve some of our small system challenges.

Participants will learn:

·        How to evaluate their system's potential for partnership

·        Options for working with other systems

·        The next steps to start or continue the conversation


The recommended audience includes anyone involved with a small water system.


CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water | Technical Track-Part 2 | Pumping System Troubleshooting

How many times has this happened to you? You discover that one of your pumps is not performing like you think it should, or it will not run at all. What are your next steps? When should you call in an expert? These questions and more will be answered in the Pumping System Troubleshooting workshop. This will be a quick “need to know” course in the most common pumping and electrical system issues that could leave you out of water.

Participants will learn:

·        Electric motor troubleshooting and common issues

·        How to calculate TDH in a fluid pumping system

·        How to calculate friction loss

·        How to read pump curves

·        Centrifugal pump troubleshooting techniques


The recommended audience includes system operators, technicians and managers. 

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This training will be hosted at the following address:

Embassy Suites by Hilton San Rafael Marin County

101 McInnis Parkway

Rooms: Rosa, Corte Madera and Novato

San Rafael, California 94903

(415) 499-9222

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Scholarship & Fees:

CalTAP Fair: Emerging Trends in Water is a free training.


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During the registration process, you will be asked to select the breakout session(s) you would like to attend. Please see above for descriptions of each session. Space for breakout sessions is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the training.


COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

At this time, to protect workshop participants and trainers at INDOOR EVENTS from COVID-19 and other germs, RCAC requires everyone to wear a mask. We also ask participants to use precautions such as stay home if you feel sick, wash and sanitize hands often, dispose of all trash in appropriate bins, consider sanitizing your personal belongings.


RCAC is continually monitoring COVID-19, Center for Disease Control updates and local public health department for recommendations.


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Michael Boyd
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The CalTAP providers are:

·        California State Water Resources ·         Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)

·        California Rural Water Association ·         Self-Help Enterprises ·         U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

·        Office of Water Programs, California State University Sacramento