Operator Math 2-Part Series: 102: The Basics (California) 060123-10

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6/1/2023 10:00 AM - 6/1/2023 12:00 PM


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Operator Math 2-Part Series: 102: The Basics



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Date & Time:

The Operator Math 2-Part Series: 102: The Basics training will be held on the following dates & times:

May   4 10:00AM-12:00PM | Part 1 | Click here to register

June  1 10:00AM-12:00PM | Part 2 | Scroll down to register

This training is being held in Pacific Time.


At a minimum, every public water system, regardless of size & complexity, requires a certified water distribution operator. In addition, those systems using treatment also must have an operator that holds a water treatment operator certification. The most significant hurdle for many grade 1 & grade 2 operators in passing the operator certification exam, however, is the math portion of the test. Typically, the math section of the certification exam constitutes about 35 percent of the total exam score, so proficiency in math is necessary to pass the test.


The math included is based on the expected-range-of-knowledge for the California distribution D1/D2 exams.


The target learner for this training wants (& needs) one specific thing: the ability to accurately calculate operator certification exam math questions. Accordingly, the learning event design focuses solely on this need. This training is not designed for “contact hours “or participant “entertainment.” This is a hands-on training with an expectation of continuous participation -- working & answering math problems – throughout the entire session.


Participants will learn how to convert:

·        Water units (ft3 to gal, gal to wt)

·        Distance (in to ft, ft to m, ft. to mi)

·        Areas (ac to ft2 to ft2, yd2 to ft2)

·        Volumes (ft3 to gal, gal to L, L to mL)


Operator Basics Series: The recommended audience includes operators & managers.


This training will be hosted online on GoToTraining.


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Operator Math 2-Part Series: 102: The Basics is a free training.



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