Operator Mathematics 2-Part Series (New Mexico) 040423-9


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4/3/2023 No charge Free REGISTER HERE

Event Date & Time

4/4/2023 9:00 AM - 4/4/2023 1:30 PM


Times listed are Mountain Time

Operator Mathematics


8 New Mexico Training Credits awarded per series

Attendees expected to attend entire series to receive credit. Partial credit will not be awarded.

Certificates will be available through your profile.

Certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the series.


NOTE: To receive training credits attendees must actively participate throughout the workshops. You must answer 70% of all poll questions & pop quizzes. Attendance is recorded throughout, & the evaluation at the end of the workshop is mandatory to complete.

Date & Time:

The Operator Mathematics 2-Part Series training will be held on the following dates & times:

April 4 | Part 1 | 9:00AM-11:30AM | Conversions

April 4 | Part 1 | 11:30AM-12:00PM | Lunch-on your own

April 4 | Part 1 | 12:00PM-1:30PM | Basic Geometry

April 6 | Part 2 9:00AM-11:30AM | Flows & Velocities

April 6 | Part 2 | 11:30AM-12:00PM | Lunch-on your own

April 6 | Part 2 | 12:00PM-1:30PM | Chemical feed dosing


This training is being held in Mountain Time.


Part 1 | Conversions

To learn basics of unit conversions related to water system operator math, including dimensional analysis & unit conversions. Students will perform common unit conversion calculations & demonstrate their knowledge of conversion formulas. 


Part 1 | Basic Geometry

To learn concepts of geometry as it relates to operator math. Students will learn & demonstrate knowledge of volume measurements & perform geometry & hydraulic related calculations.



Part 2 | Flows & Velocities

To learn  basics of water flows & velocities. Students will learn & demonstrate knowledge of performing arithmetic calculations to determine flow & velocity & make calculations to determine operational efficiency as related to the water distribution system.


Part 2 | Chemical feed dosing

To learn intermediate arithmetic concepts related to disinfection math. Students will learn & demonstrate foundational knowledge of chlorine dosing in a water distribution system. Students will apply unit conversion concepts learned in Math Part 1.




This training will be hosted online on GoToTraining.


Scholarship & Fees:

Operator Mathematics 2-Part Series is a free training.




The registration link below will register you to attend both parts of the series.


In order to receive contact hours for online workshops, each person must be registered with their own email address & complete an online survey at the end of the training.



Are you attending as a group, but not watching from your own computer?

Attendees do not need to participate from their own computer/device for the online trainings but will need to complete an evaluation to receive credit. Your group leader will need to inform RCAC (registration@rcac.org) about attendees who will view sessions as a group prior to session start. Please note that sign-in sheets NO LONGER validate attendance at online workshops.


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Hannah Whittaker
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RCAC Events
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"These trainings are funded by the New Mexico Environment Department Drinking Water Bureau through HB-548 Clean Water Pilot Project and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund."

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Fee End Date Fee Description Amount
4/3/2023 No charge Free REGISTER HERE