Activated Sludge Introduction & Wastewater Math (Idaho) 083123-10
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Event Date & Time

8/31/2023 10:00 AM - 8/31/2023 3:30 PM


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Thank you for your interest in this training. Unfortunately, we have closed registration because either the deadline has passed or there are capacity limitations.  Please see our trainings list for other available trainings.


Activated Sludge Introduction & Wastewater Math



0.4 Idaho Wastewater Continuing Education Units

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Date & Time:

The Activated Sludge Introduction & Wastewater Math training will be held on the following date & time:

August 31 | 10:00AM-3:30PM 

This training is being held in Mountain Time.


This online four-hour wastewater training course is for wastewater operators who are interested in learning the basics of wastewater treatment with an in depth look at the activated sludge process along with wastewater math for those that plan to take the Idaho ABC Wastewater Certification test (Grades I and II).


Certification main topics will include:

·        Activated sludge

·        Wastewater math

·        Study and test tips

·        Practice tests


Other topics will include:

·        Collection system

·        Preliminary treatment

·        Primary treatment

·        Lagoons and ponds


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This training will be hosted online on GoToTraining.

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Activated Sludge Introduction & Wastewater Math is a free training to attend.



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