Operator Certification Preparation (California) 030724-9


Event Date & Time

3/7/2024 9:00 AM - 3/7/2024 12:00 PM


Times listed are Pacific Time

Operator Certification Preparation

3 California Drinking Water Contact Hours awarded

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Date & Time:
The Operator Certification Prepartion training will be held on the following date and time:

March 7 9:00AM-12:00PM 


This training is being held in Pacific Time.


This workshop aims to educate operators, laborers, and management. Attendees will engage in a discussion format and build a foundation of knowledge required to study for and pass the California State Examinations for Operator Certification, Grades 1 and 2, in both Treatment and Distribution. The Expected Range of Knowledge and new examination procedures will be explored, including the recent switch to contract proctors and computer-administered testing. A downloadable resource directory is provided.


Participants will learn:

·        Current study materials and online resources

·        Basics preparation

·        The elements of a clear career path in the water industry

·        The practices and procedures in water distribution and water treatment

·        Math problems

·        How to develop strategies for faster industry advancement using online college programs

·        To identify new tools for workforce development (management)

This training will be hosted online on GoToTraining.


Scholarship & Fees:
Operator Certification Preparation is a free training to attend.



To receive contact hours for online workshops, each peson must be registered with their own email address. An evaluation at the end of the training is also required.


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Attendees do not need to participate from their own computer/device for the online trainings. Each attendee will be required to register and complete an evaluation to verify their participation. Prior to session start, a Group Leader will need to inform RCAC (registration@rcac.org) which attendees will view the sessions together. Following the training an evaluation is sent to the Group Lead who will be responsible for sharing it with each attendee in the group.


For registration questions, contact:
RCAC Events
(916) 447-9832 ext. 1429

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